Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Something About A.L Parks and her books.

Hi Guys, you know I like promote Authors...mostly friendly ones. So there we go. I like to mention to you guys A.L Parks.( I said friendly,it means they can talk,have a chat with their readers.other ones is so cold I mean some of Authors really are.)

First you have to know that the Debut book,Strangers. You can find my review on here.
Her book was amazing. I love it so much. Last week she has had a giveaway on another blog. She ask just one question. What was her dog's name meaning. Her dog's name is Johann Tyberius Kurt. This isn't look hard right? I guessed in 3. times. I guessed because on those days  I was watching Star Trek Tv shows on the TV.  And she sent me her book with bookmark and her signature. I was so happy and still. She make me so happy and I want to make happy. But I can't do anything with physical. So I helped her with some of here Street team mates.

She has a really good talent,you know. You can easly understand what's in the book.Like Strangers.In the book,Abby and Bryce's has had a hard life.Both lost some of their hope and their love life...but when they met,they found their lost love and hope.

Buy Here: Strangers

Please check out this amazing trailer by Abby Porter Cook!!! Strangers by A.L. Parks.

Also she write a new book.Called The Return. It's going to be series.You can find more information here and here.
Her next book, The Return, is set to release on December 6th. It is set in Colorado, and takes place over Christmas and New Year’s. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18516674-the-return

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