Sunday, February 23, 2014

Unbalance na Netsu by Masara Minase ( 水名瀬 雅良 )

  • アンバランスな熱; 迷情錯愛 ; Unbalanced Heat
  • Drama, School Life, Yaoi
  • Minase Masara
  • Minase Masara
  • Completed

When Ryuu Kagaya tries to befriend the boy in the next seat to his, honor student Yoshito Naruse, he's shot down. Only after Ryuu sees Yoshito at Ryuu's work does he think they might be friends. Yoshito's brother might have something to say about that...


I usually love this mangaka, for this one I would say 'don't bother'. I just didn't like any of the characters at all. Till the end I couldn't tell which one of two brothers the main character would end up with.The end was mess! I dont know it just doesn't feel right . I want to kill that guy right now . I can't forgive him and i'm trying so hard but I can't. 

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