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Eat Raw,Not Cooked by Stacy Stowers

Can spinach really taste like chocolate ice cream? YES!

Just try Stacy Stowers's Happy Shake cupfuls of nourishing greens, plus a dash of raw cacao, a big handful of blueberries, and a few other delicious fixings that you can blend up every morning and enjoy with a spoon!

Stacy travels the country teaching families like yours how to add more whole, raw, unprocessed foods into their diets in the simplest, most satisfying way possible. Her clients soon discover they stop eating out of bags, bottles, cans, and boxes and start feeling healthier, lighter, and more energetic. Eating raw is easier and tastier than you think. The gift of Stac's approach is that it's not about becoming a & raw foodis or joining some food religion about adding foods that will make you thrive.

What are the potential benefits of eating raw? Weight loss and management, more energy, relief from chronic pain and allergies, better moods, and a younger appearance to name just a few! From Stacy's comforting and crispy Cheatos and enticing Rainbow Fajitas, to her rich, delectable Chocolate Macaroon Fudge Bars, her more than 70 recipes will give you and your family an irresistible nutritional boost.


I love food whether raw or cooked. Everyone can tell by looking at my body. Yes,I have a lot weight.
Let's head to this book. Eating raw... you know raw vegetables,fruits are healty. Eating them raw is more healty.
Stacy also teach us calories. Stop Obsessing about Calories. If we don't care vegetables calories we can easly and healty lost weights.
There's a important rule;Raw foods can be fatties too and more important rule is eating fresh. Also in fresh food there's a more vitamin.

This is my third read for a cookbook. And I love this most. It's really interesting. You can confuse when you see the title '' Eat raw,not cooked ''.

What? Eat my chocolate raw? Are you serious?! How can I eat raw? It's bitter.. so so bitter, believe me. How do I know? Unfortunately I tried long time ago. And I didn't like it. But there's a thing; It's more healty.
Because raw chocolate has more antioxidants than green tea! Can you believe it?

Best thing about raw is fruits. We already eating fruits raw. Well maybe you cook with caramel but I never did and I can't eat those desserts unfortunately.

You can't eat pasta or noodles? Don't worry! There's a healty recipe for you too!
I have admit,best thing about about eating raw is desserts. All pies is amazing! And make sure to try Almond Joy Pie. It's Ah-mazing! 
And that Banana Road kill? It's so easy and make sure try this one too. This recipe maybe serves 6 but I ''easly''ate. Maybe that's because I eat for dinner. 


1/2 cup water
3-4 cups spinach
1 Tbs. coconut oil
1 Tbs. raw maca powder
2 Tbs. raw cacao powder
1 cup FROZEN blueberries
3/4 cup FROZEN cherries
1/4 cup FROZEN banana
Optional: a little raw honey for those who like extra sweetness
Optional: 3 ice cubes or a small handful of ice for those hot humid days.

In your Vitamix or blender start with:

1. The Base:
1/2 cup water.

2. The Greens:
Here is your salad!!! Use a mild tasting green like spinach. Kale is way to bitter and NOT happy.

3. A Good Fat:
1 Tbs. coconut oil or 1 raw organic egg. Good Fat won't make you fat, and is essential for metabolizing the spinach and keeping you feeling satisfied longer. Do not be tempted to leave out the fat.

If you are using a raw egg, you will need to adjust the amount of water, meaning less water. Test your egg....if you roll your egg on a flat surface and it wobbles, you have a good egg. Check that there are no cracks in your egg and wash the outside of your egg.

I have to say, in my experience, I have never met a bad egg. In family taste tests, most prefer the taste and creaminess of the raw egg. Me too!

4 . The HAPPY Parts:
1 Tbs. raw maca powder - a Peruvian root good for stamina, endurance, and mental clarity.

2 Tbs. raw cacao powder - raw chocolate is actually a valuable potent super food loaded with nutrients and neuro-peptides very similar to the ones our bodies produce when we are falling in love.

5. MOST IMPORTANT and a crucial step in creating your Happy Shake.....DO NOT add fruit here.  In your blender, blend all your ingredients except your fruit into a green “SLUDGE”.  Your goal is to get 1 cup of green “sludge”.
6. Frozen Fruit:
Now you can add 2 cups of Frozen Fruit.....choose from blueberries, blackberries, cherries, strawberries, raspberries and bananas. My personal favorite combination is blueberry/cherry/banana. Find your favorite combo!

The best blender is a high speed blender like the Vitamix. However, If you are using a traditional blender, a carrot will be helpful for pushing your frozen fruit down the sides of the blender. This will give you a more efficient blend.

For a soft serve ice cream consistency, the blending time is short. Do not over blend. Over blending will give you more of a shake like drink instead of ice cream, which may just be your preference. You will get the hang of it with practice. A Note on Color..

....The BLUEberries are important for getting the chocolatey brown color. So use plenty of BLUES!!! The best blues are frozen wild blueberries.

GREEN "sludge" + BLUE berries = Chocolate BROWN!!!
7. The Toppings!!!
Now it's time to decorate your Happy Shake. I like some raw cacao nibs. You can also top with goji berries, shredded coconut, mullberries or fresh local bee pollen!
Servings: this recipe makes 1 large serving at about 350 calories.

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