Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Fighting For Love by Kristal McKerrington & Joe E. Legend

Book Blurb;
Jasmine got obsessed with a man and now he's obsessed with her. Steamy nights, kisses and rules being broken awaits them. She turned his whole world upside down and now he's doing it to hers. In this free fall, can they survive each others love?"


'Love can be found in anything.' ~ Kristal McKerrington

The book started with Carl's pov. How he love wresting,how he traveler for wresting shows.Some day while he's traveling for shows, he notice a woman. While he was traveling,in every show she was there. She never missed a show of his... He also thought a geek woman who love wresting but  it was like there is more. Every show he went,he always watched her. Like he went the shows to find her.He was totally obsessed her.He know her face but he never got a chance to learn her name. Everytime she disappeared after the show. Some day at the hotel Carl catchs her somewhat. Unexpecting kiss surprised him. She kissed him so passionately that her cock even react so fast. But she escaped again.. he couldn't learn her name again... Why did she escape after kissing him? Why she's always escaping even though she never missed his shows... Is she hidden something? But What? 

It was a fine Erotica novella. It was short.No I didn't complain this time for novellas.Somehow I was glad for novella. I can't thing myself obsessed for somebody or something and I can't understand someones obsess but I could read. I like the book. It was like a stockholm syndrome but it wasn't.
It's kind of make you think that what kind of situation is this.. 4 STAR

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 Author Bios

Kristal McKerrington is from Scotland, UK. She has a love for Scotland and for Vikings. Kristal has been a professionally published author since 2010. She writes Erotica, Young Adult, Wrestling Erotica, Wrestling Romance and much much more.
She's represented by Barone Literary Agency. She's the former writer for Bishop-Lyons Entertainment. She is the former writer also with Calling Spots Magazine. She writes for Reem Vision.

Joseph Edward "Joe" Hitchen (born September 2, 1969) is a Canadian professional wrestler, better known by his ring name, Joe E. Legend. He's also co-author for Kristal. They are working together.

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