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The Soul Within by Nancy Adams

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Alex's body is in a coma. His soul, however, is not. Desperate to become whole, he must first convince stubborn beauty Evening Sinclair that he is not dead.

For generations, the Sinclairs have been healers. Using a gentle touch to heal the body and a soothing word to heal the soul, Evening Sinclair is no different. Yet despite her secret abilities,
Eve has a some what normal existence, She enjoys her small physiotherapy practice, dotes on her eight-year-old daughter and occasionally helps souls get back into their bodies-that is until Alex, with his brooding good looks and glowing eyes, appears in her kitchen.

Alex is desperate to get back into his body- two innocent lives depend on it. His only obstacle is Eve and her stubborn fear. Unfortunately for Eve, Alex is ruthless and just as stubborn. He will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He will not 'go away' and no matter how much Eve tortures him with her lush body and perfect mouth, he will not change his mind. Eve will merge him, and if it takes him haunting her day and night, she will merger him back with a body-any body.

The book's subject remind me author Marc Levy's book named If Only It Were True or Just like Heaven(same book different names). But that's it.other things about the book is very different. I love the story so much.It was so lovely.

Note: Sorry I wish I can write more longer but I'm so sick since last week I read the book but right now I really can't write other than this.


“You’re really not dead.”
He studied her intently. “Is that why you won’t help me, because you think I’m dead?”
Embarrassed, she turned away. “I thought you might be and that you were having
trouble…moving on.”
“Moving on?” he repeated. She heard him exhale in a huff but didn’t want to face him yet.
“Eve?” He used her name to get her attention but she didn’t budge. “Evening.” This time her
name was said with more force.
Her cheeks were warm when she faced him. She expected him to be annoyed but he only
showed concern. “Do you see the dead too?”
“No. Never, just medians. My mother did, I thought maybe it had started for me too. It was the
only explanation I could come up with as to why you were still hanging around me.” Her throat
felt like it was beginning to close up with the thought of it, but she asked him anyway. “Have
you seen…them…out there?”
Alex was going to ask if she wanted the truth, then saw the fear in her eyes and lied. “No, I
The truth was he had seen many dead people walking around the hospital, mixing in with
crowds sitting on benches in the waiting rooms, following around nurses and patients. The
difference he noticed between the dead and the living was purpose. The living had a purpose,
work needed to be done, people needed to be taken care of, the living had things to do, places
to go. The dead didn’t do anything but follow the living. None of them had any direction, all of
them were lost. All of them were unnoticed.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

My name is Nancy Adams. I am a full-blooded Canadian, right down to the maple syrup running
though my veins. I enjoy watching hockey but despise skating...and the cold. I enjoy a good
helping of Tourtiere with a side of Poutine as much as the next person, yet I am only bilingual
when it comes to swear words.Besides writing, I have three small - but legal - addictions: bed
linens, lavender and books. All of which are replenished on a regular basis. Reading into the
wee hours of the morning is one of my many bad habits, next to spontaneously rearranging
furniture and randomly painting rooms in my house.

Book Links – for The Soul Within

TEB - http://www.total-e-bound.com/product.asp?strParents=&CAT_ID=&P_ID=1695
Amazon.com - http://www.amazon.com/The-Soul-Within-ebook/dp/B009ASNQ18
All Romance ebooks - https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-thesoulwithin-918862-140.html
Barnes & Nobles – http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-soul-within-nancy-adams/1112938175?ean=9781781840207


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    1. Well lets' see...Evening can control emotions with the use of her voice, can see the souls of people trapped in comas, plus as an added kicker she...ahhh wait a sec, Nice try. LOL
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