Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Letters From Home by Bethanne Strasser

Letters From Home
Bethanne Strasser

Entangled Flirt

ISBN: 9781622663835


An Army doctor, Lena Rodriguez has always been too busy with school or the Army for romance. But the letters she received during deployment have captured her heart. Back home for the holidays, she awaits Christmas morning to meet the man who has turned her life upside down....

When Zack Benson watched his best friend's sister Lena leave for Afghanistan, he knew he had to tell her he loved her. So he sent her anonymous love letters. Now that she’s home, he realizes he's made a tactical error. Lena has fallen for the man in those letters but still thinks of him as a brother. He has to convince her otherwise because if he succeeds, he’ll get the best Christmas present ever. But if he fails, he could lose her for good.

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WOW! This one was a very cute story....

Elena aka Lena is an army Doctor. She left her hometown for the army. In the same time after she left home,she received a lot letters. And this captured his heart. Returning home for holiday the letter man and Lena is going to meet on Christmas Morning. 
Zack is so in love with his best friend's sister. He was in love in a long time snd he had to tell her how he feel.So he send her letters. Now she's home and he's so afraid that he could lose her forever.
Now he has to make his move quick and right.Because she has another men who wants her.
This book was like a said first was cute. It's my favorite christmas story too.The writing was right and it's not complicated. Also it was quick read so yes I did finished in 1 hour.  I loved how Zack thinks. I loved how Lena responsible.Also I loved how ... well I loved everything!



I strive to live my dreams.

A couple of years ago, my husband took that step and joined the Army. An accountant by trade and finally fed up with a life that aggravated and frustrated...always reaching for the almighty dollar, he came to me and said, what if I join the Army?

Sure! Please, join the Army. I want my happy husband back. :D I took my cue from him. Though writing has been a part of my life for a long time, my drive had settled in to an easy-going 55 mph. Not too fast, not too slow, with an occasional burst of speed to thrill me.

I write romance--suspense, contemporary, and an occasional paranormal. My stories are full of life, family, and love. I write a lot. I have a lot to share. I love stories that encompass the world. You can find me reading just about any genre of romance, but my favorites are fast-paced suspense, where life is on the line and love is the only saving grace. I want a book that makes my heart pound and my pulse race.



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