Monday, August 26, 2013

Review : Hide and Seek by Ike Reibun

  •   Loup-Garou Gokou
  • Comedy, Mature, Supernatural, Yaoi
  • Ike Reibun
  • Ongoing Hide and Seek 6 will coming next
    • No Set Release Date 

      1) Hide and Seek An over protective brother has been targeted by the same person his trying to protect his sister from. And a tight alley proves to be...  

    2) Parallel Punch!!

  •  3) Love Love Size Nao keeps his older brother, Masaya, from going to a goukon in a very special way. 
  •  4) Adolescent Beast
    5) Black 6th Period
     6) Inside Your Throat, Inside That
     7) Returning Winter
     8) Rumors About the Professor
     9) Loup-Garou Gokou In a village full of werewolves, everyone is always searching for someone to spend the full moon with because that's when their sex drives are the strongest. Young Ichi is determined to wait for true love, but will he be able to resist the moon's pull, especially when he is pursued by Goroku? 

Reviews for 9 Story in this Manga 

 First Story Start With this;
First of all I only read Yaoi Manga's and this picture show this.
First story begining with Overprotective Brother and her date.
 The Brother saw them on the street and begining argue with the his sisters Date. They're begining the beat each other and then someone call the police. They got scared and hid in some branch road.
The Brother,Takeru he's idiot also he is always swift to anger person. So hiding in the small road and The date,Wanigawara got erect and pull his begining to masturbation.Takeru got erect to and Wanigawara is really interesting with him actually and begin to masturbation to him too right sfter himself. And He fuck him in the branch road.In the end Takeru began to run away from him and he's going to chase Takeru(always).

I guess there's nothing much tell.I think Wanigawara knows that Takeru very overprotective and He wants him so he go out Takeru's little sister and he tell Takeru he never interesting to her. He's gay. But In the Small street he likes Wanigawara's doing him masturbate but of course he's stubborn he can't admit that.

Also Alison Asking s question for this Monday;

What's Your Favorite School Themed Manga?


Actually I didn't read any school theme manga But I watch an anime.

I watch Ouran High School Host Club by Bisco Hatori and I really liked.I hope I get a chance to read OHDHC's manga :) 


See ya next Monday to second review for second story!!

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