Sunday, August 25, 2013

Did you try the #Authorgraph ?

Hello Follower :) Last week I saw a site in Twitter. Named  I wonder what is it? So I check out. It was  autograph from Author! I was excited!
Then, the authors looked at the site,Who is there or  who is not there....

The founder of the site Says;
''  I really enjoy reading and I also enjoy meeting the authors of my favorite books. One time, during the summer of 2010, I attended an author reading in Seattle. After the author had read a section of his book, he invited everyone to come up and have their books signed.
I had the author's book on my Kindle and I felt awkward since I didn't have anything for him to sign. In May of 2011, I built the first version of this service to enable authors and readers to interact through digital books. Note: this service was orignally called Kindlegraph before I changed the name to Authorgraph in November 2012. ''

 So far I found some  my favorite Author  but I'm looking whenever I remember this site.

Examples for my requests;

Like you see Jessica Redmerski (J.A Redmerski) is my favorite Author! YAY!! 
She always respond my tweets or retweet or favorited my tweets. Like was Katy Evans too.
 I really love them.

Little confession; I didn't read Jasinda's book but I want to read. So  I request her And she accept :D 

Did you use this site? What your thoughts? Leave a comment :)
Thank you for Reading


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