Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In a Cream Packyard by Edward R. Hackamer

In A Cream Packard ~ is a romantic tale laced with nostalgia, automobiles, and music from the golden age of rock and roll. Maryanne Dahl, a 21 year old redhead from Appleton, Wisconsin and Alexander Throckmorton, a 26 year old Navy veteran from Detroit, Michigan are the main characters. This romantic adventure recounts a road trip taken in the late spring of 1954 traveling south on US Route 23, the fabled two-lane highway that runs from Mackinaw City, Michigan to Jacksonville, Florida. The journey starts when two people meet by chance and ends after they confirm their love, endure misfortune, and unlock mystery. The sights, sounds, and elements of the way of life that drove America's love affair with the automobile and two-lane blacktop are presented as nostalgic romance. It is life before the Eisenhower Interstate System. It is a ride on the Hillbilly Highway. Edward R Hackemer, ~ In a Cream Packard ~ 2013

Honestly this isn't a genre for my age or I like these books. Mr. Hackemer ask me to review his book on Bookblog.ning.com and I accept it,don't ask me why :) Since I know how to read english I read and translate to my mom. More like this is her interest. I read her in 2 month! It was really slow but she like to read like that anyway so I didn't complain her. To me this book was like watching documentary channel.For my mom she not much a fan of love stories (wonder why) but I can't tell she loves the book by looking at her face.

Edward Hackemer
Edward Hackemer lived in Western New York for 55 years before retiring and moving to North Georgia. His life experience includes nearly countless trans-Atlantic trips to Europe; employment history runs from paperboy to truck driver to the US Government Service. He spent several years overseas, is a veteran of the US Army, and happily married since 1968. He met his wife in Norway, and she was naturalized after they returned to the United States. He is currently enjoying retirement with his wife of 43 years, his son, daughter (in-law), and two (grand) daughters.
During the writing of 'In A Cream Packard' and 'The Katydid Effect' the author drew not only from personal memories, but steeped himself in period music and culture: 1949 through 1967 rock and roll, blues, jazz, movies, television, and popular music as well as extensive research into contemporary retail products, services and prices. The novels are historically correct to the timeline of the book, with passing reference to relevant news and sports. While he drew on much of his personal memories and experiences, they were factually verified and time authenticated.
The author hopes that readers will enjoy the story as much as he enjoyed wri
ting it.
Life is grand. Remember. That's important.

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