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10 Things about a Blogger | Guest Post & #Giveaway

10 Things about a Blogger
Writing is a rewarding path. It can also be lonely. Blogging helps us reach other authors as well a potential readers. I don’t have many authors around me. Most of the writers I know, I met through my blog or some other online community. It’s always nice to connect with people who share my interests.
  1. Most of us, blogger, don’t know what we’re doing when we first start. We just write any post that comes to mind and see what happens. That’s how we figure out our niche.
  2. Eventually, you need some kind of plan. Niche is important. Readers should be able to expect a certain kind of post when they visit a blog. I mean, that’s why they keep visiting. My niche is linked to my writing with other things I like added to the mix. I talk about fantasy and horror stuff, give writing/graphic design tips and share nature photographs I’ve taken.
  3. We each have a distinct voice. Readers come to a blog for the content and the author.  Show your personality in each post. Drop the formal speak. I’ve used gonna, gotta and ain’t.
  4. Bloggers support each other. Blogging is a community, a conversation. Authors support each other in general. One of the reason I love being a writer.
  5. Until we get a fan base, we can feel like we’re talking to ourselves. That’s a necessary step. Most of us aren’t known before we start a blog.
  6. It may be my blog but it’s not just about me. I learned that the hard way. I need people to read, comment and share my blog posts. I need to write stuff my audience wants to read and share.
  7. Blogger block is real. There will come a day where you’re looking at your blog screen and you have no idea what to write. Some people schedule posts. I haven’t gotten that organized yet.
  8. We love it when the number of pageviews go up. We love it even more when the number of comments and shares go up.
  9. If you skip too many days at the beginning of your blogging adventure, be prepared to lose some followers. I’ve been blogging for years now. I’ve published enough posts that my pageviews and followers won’t go down if I blog two times a week instead of three. Look forward to that day. Still, don’t make a habit of skipping days.
  10. I still appreciate those who commented on my blog when it was only getting 4 pageviews a week, if that. Once you’ve “made it”, whatever that means for you, help other bloggers starting out. Don’t forget how it felt at the beginning. 

    Chains of the Sciell
    by Auden Johnson


    Over, fifty years have passed. A mysterious Plague swept through Middle Jael. Walls of Darkness now surround cities around the world. Supplies are low. Prices are high. Still, humans survive. For Sciell and Miners, Lifeblood beings, the new Darkness won’t let them touch their power source without punishment.

    How can they draw the power they need to survive? Their Lifeblood evolves. These beings can now see auras. Connections only existed between two beings. Now, these family bonds form between most Sciell. They can feel the other's need no matter the distance. If one is enraged, the other becomes infected with that same anger. They always have someone else in their heads. They share power.

    Divine Mathews, Josephine Royal, Blea and Aliceanna Carlton's connections told them they weren't alone. The connections felt like home. These four know they're different. They can do things...see things. They don’t know why. They become trapped inside MidnightPrysn- a twisted mansion created to keep them weak. Divine, Royal, Blae and Aliceanna finally meet those they're connected to. Only, they feel like they've met before.

    As Midnight Prysn's new residents regain their memories, they realize these connections aren't just a source of comfort. They can be chains.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Auden is a dark fantasy writer. As a kid, she created her own books by folding several construction papers in half and stapling them down the middle, adding her own illustrations. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get away from writing. She holds a B.A. in English, a M.S. in Library and Information Science and she studied Creative Writing in England. She is a Research Assistant for Aubey LLC and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY- working towards her Masters in Publishing at NYU. Her short stories, No Vacancy, Clipped Wings and Welcome to My World and her novellas Visible Through Darkness and Shadows under the Light are now available through Amazon. The Sciell is her first novel. Chains of the Sciell will be released June 2.

Instagram/ audenjohnson
Twitter @audendj

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  1. Any tips on how to get through the dreaded writer’s block?

    1. Googling Blog Ideas sometimes helps. I have a lot of drafted posts. If get stuck, I use one of them. Resource lists are a good way to go. Do a post with some useful links. If you're blogging to promote your book, think of a theme in your book that you can blog about.

  2. Thank you for hosting me! I'd be happy to answer more blogging question. ;)

  3. Love dark fantasy. Also liked the blogging pointers. I am also a blogger and got some great ideas from that post!

  4. I enjoyed reading the guest post.

  5. Good post, Auden! I have yet to come across a serious blogging block, but I do tend to write ahead.

    1. I haven't had a real problem with it lately. When I first started blogging, often times I couldn't think of what I wanted to write about- no matter how long I stared at the screen.

  6. Your book sounds terrific! I enjoyed learning about you and your book~thank you for sharing!

  7. Sounds really good, looking forward to reading this book!


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