Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Sorry Post

First I don't know how I should write a sorry post. So if you don't like it please tell me,scream at me or write a email to me,please.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry. I couldn't write back none of the readers,authors who wrote letters to me from my blog and facebook and my email.  I really hate myself. It's not right behave to you guys.
I couldn't write reviews or answers questions or accept requests from authors or readers.

What is the reason?

The reason is I'm afraid.

I'm afraid because some people wrote me awful things about me being a blogger...  Yes of course I ignored them but they kept found me. 

So I started to avoid the blog and my emails and goodreads and facebook fan page...  I was really sad.

I didn't read none of the book in my to read list.. even request ones... I'm really sorry.  I think I'll be like this for a while.

So This is a sorry post of a Booker Like a Hooker's.

My name is Cagla ( check out the pronounce ) a.k.a The Booker and I'm sorry.


  1. I understand your reasons but you should definitely report these emails and etc. You shouldn't be run off your own blog. I hope it all works out and I can't wait until your back :)

  2. That's so sad..You should not let such rude people keep you from blogging..Report such people..Name them and let others know who they are...Be strong.. :)

  3. Don't let mean people keep you from doing what you love! There might be a few who have negative things to say but you also have lots of readers who think you are awesome! :)

  4. Cagla-

    You are an awesome blogger!
    Speaking strictly for myself, I enjoy your presence on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Circles.
    You are positive and full of enthusiasm.
    If some are not so kind, that is the way of life, not being able to please everyone.
    You are good at what you do, and there is a virtual community who appreciates you!
    Work through your thoughts and emotions, being assured we welcome your efforts and insights.
    Looking forward to your future...
    Lee DeBourg

  5. It's unfortunate that is has to be this way.
    The only advice I can truly give you is that you shouldn't let those bad people effect your relationships with the good ones and most importantly do not run and hide because you're letting the negative ones win. They want to see you give up so instead you should post with pride and joy. Remember this blog is your virtual home, don't let them take it away from you.

    Best of luck from the Argyle Dollhaus <3

  6. Cagla,

    I going to make a few leaps in thought that I would like for you to remember. The most important being you started this blog because you wanted to share your love for reading and the thoughts you have about about the books you have been able to read. This is something you a passionate about and you enjoy it. (well at least until people started with the stupid, pointless comments). Don't let anyone take your joy.

    You have a blog and apparently it is so popular people who claim that they don't even like it, or what you say on it are still reading it. That says that they are LYING! Then these same people go through the effort to send you mean, thoughtless and unpleasant commentary, which just shows that they are liars with way too much time on their hand!

    It's a blog and by it is a personal writing of your own observations, experiences and opinions. Just like on face to face it is someone choice if they chose to visit your site and read your opinions. Some people are just little petty and down right mean. Sadly there will always be those who try to bring others down for no reason then they are doing something they cannot. Just like they have to option to read your blog and not like what you say you have the option to read their correspondence and take it to heart. Take what is good and leave the rest!

    Stop reading when the letters start getting negative. If someone doesn't like what you've said that is their issue. They chose to read your blog! Like many of of do! Your opinions and reviews are valued and appreciated.

    You are entitled to however you feel. Just try not to let other get you to value yourself less because of their options.

    You are good at what you do and you know it!

    You love what you do and enjoy sharing it!

    Hope to see you back you for blogging again so :)


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