Sunday, November 10, 2013

V.A:Blood Sisters Special Stills&Set Photos&Tv Promo

Hello!  I really can't wait to see the movie.And Here's what we miss;

It's new! Tv Commercial is on,watch it. The different is other trailer's,last scene. Watch.

WHAT?! This not even a question! Of course it's my beloved,Dimitri.

Rose with a stake.
 Dimtri looking something
 That Bitch with Rose.
 Mia and Aaron.
 Queen Tatiana.
 Left to Right;Rose,Lissa and Natalie.
 Ros,Lissa and Christian.

 Rose and Mason.

Rose and Mason in the training and Dimitri watching them <3 *excited more*

 Lissa and Rose is Talking.
 Rose and Dimitri is Training.
 Rose and mason is joking around.
Rose and Lissa is seeing a crow.

 Rose is lost in thoughts..
 Looks like there's a other argue
Rose with a stake.

 Lissa and Victor.
 Set Chair.
 11 Royal Names.
 Academy Gates!
Academy Emblem.
 Happy Caturday! LOL Lissa and her Cat.
 Kirova.The head of the Academy.
 Zoey and Danila.
 Zoey and Richelle mead on the set.
Zoey and Danila talking.
ON the set they are laughing.

OMG! Even his laugh so hot!! *dazed*

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