Friday, November 29, 2013

Todays Free Book on Amazon!!! 11/29

Hello Guys! Today is Friday! Yay! And  Most of the great writers giving their book free on amazon.So I was happy and I'd like to share this books with you!!

  1. Strangers by A.L. Parks ; Amazon
  2. Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover ; Amazon
  3. Sisters in love by Melissa Foster ; Amazon
  4. Betting on you by Jessie Evans ; Amazon
  5. One Step Closer by Lucinda DeBois : Amazon
  6. Meeting Trouble by Emma Rollins ; Amazon
  7. I love my walk out by Sabrina Lacey : Amazon
  8. The Arrangments by Abby Weeks : Amazon
  9. Love in Handcuffs,The Secret Billionaire by Asley Spector; Amazon
  10. If the shoe fits by Laurie LeClair ; Amazon
  11. Big Girls do it Series(First 4 book) by Jasinda Wilder ; Amazon
  12. Gotcha! by Christie Craig ; Amazon 
  13. To Sin with Scandal by Tamara Gill ; Amazon
  14. Trinity by Elizabeth Nelson ; Amazon
  15. My Billionaire Master,Indebted by him by Delilah Gardner ; Amazon
  16. In The Moment by Olivia Jake ; Amazon
  17. Chasing Beautiful by Pamela Ann ; Amazon
  18. The Girl can say no by Ashley Spector ; Amazon
  19. The Beautiful thing by Amanda Heath ; Amazon
  20. This Fire by Elise Logan ; Amazon
  21. My Billionaire by M.J Bradley ; Amazon
  22. Unexpected Gifts Elena Aitken ; Amazon
  23. Exposure by Iris Blaire ; Amazon
  24. Tangled Beauty by K.L Middleton ; Amazon
  25. The girl who never came back by Amy Cross ; Amazon
  26. The Proposal by Lily Zante ; Amazon
  27. Death has a name by Jerry Hanel ; Amazon
  28. Never Forget by Emma Hart ; Amazon

Well I found this and I did Downloaded everyone of them.

If you like my post and If you want to see more free books  Leave a comment maybe I can share everyday or everyweek.

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