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Second Chance Christmas by Ellen Butler

Second Chance Christmas
   by Ellen Butler

Entangled Flirt
ISBN: 9781622663804

              Book Description:

Prominent DC attorney Emma Taylor is pulled away from a promising date the week before Christmas to pick up her ex-fiance from the ER after a bar fight. She's in no mood to re-open old wounds, but it’s Christmas and she can’t just leave him alone and injured.

Eight hundred eighty-four days. That’s how much time has passed since Major Colton Evans made the biggest mistake of his life. Even after two tours of duty and too much shrapnel in his leg, it’s still the loss of Emma that haunts him. And if he can win her back, he’ll take any chance.

When she insists he stay with her during the holiday, they put out enough sexual electricity to rival the most decorated house on the block. But will it be enough to light the way to a future together?

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This is Colton and Emma's story. They've been broken up for over two years and Emma's still his I.C.E. contact in his phone, which is why she was called to pick him up from the ER. He was in a bar drinking a soda and was collateral damage in a bar fight and ended up with a cut on the head and a concussion. He's also a soldier on medical leave for taking shrapnel to the leg. She offers to let him stay with her and they are able to talk and get closure to the relationship they once had. It also clears the way for a new relationship if only Emma can get over all the reasons they didn't work last time. 

Colton : It’s been eight hundred and eighty-four days, since we split.
Two years, one hundred fifty-four days.”

I don't if you know guys I love to read second chances.It's all old and smooth.And If you add Christmas in there all of them will be perfect. And It's.Well If I'm going to describe this book with one sentense; The Story about two stubborn person's finding their love after  2 years and a half  recconnect. I think Emma and Colton are lucky to have a second chance at love because not every relationships has a spark like that.  I love the story it was short but it's all good :)


I am an old, new writer. In other words, old to writing, new to novel writing. My history includes a long list of writing and editing for dry but illuminating professional newsletters and journals, and windy papers on public policy and political science. The leap to novel writing is simply a creative outlet for my over active and romantic imagination to run wild.

My genre is Women’s Fiction and Romance. I like to provide strong female characters, romance, and suspense in my novels. I work hard to envelop you in the story, to make you root for the heroine by laughing with her or yelling at her when she makes mistakes.


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