Monday, October 14, 2013

Cafe Latte Rhapsody by Touko Kawai

  • Cafe Latte Rhapsody
  • Drama, Romance, Shounen Ai, Yaoi
  • Kawai Touko
  • Completed
  • 2979th
  • [From evil-empire] About two guys who have a very "scary" meeting at a bookstore. Serizawa is your usual nice young man working at a bookstore, when one day he chances upon a strange customer. Immensely tall and intense-eyed, this stranger is a shock for Seri at first sight. That is, until upon further observation, Seri realises that the tall stranger is in reality, a painfully shy and gentle young man named Keito. As the two youths meet more and more often in the bookstore, they begin an earnest and sweet friendship.

    There is a 2 Young man. Keito and Serizawa.Keito is student in Uni and Serizawa working at Book store.
    Some Day This big,strange and no-good man(not it all) named Keito go to a book store and he saw Serizawa.Everyone scared Keito because he is to tall and his eyes looking so intense.Serizawa is so cute new adult man. He's working at book store and then he saw him.In first he scared too because he's so long.But he came back every ones a while he started to like him.In the real Keito is so cutie too.When he smiles,blushed or nodding.

     i love this story!!! sooooooo sweeeetttt!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's just so adorable and romantic!! i love the author's work ,too! i cud recognize her work anywhere! her stories are so sweet and the stories are really nice! do more of ur amazing work, touko-san! :D



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