Saturday, September 21, 2013

About Webcomics #3 Teahouse

Much like Melrose Place, Teahouse is a story about a bunch of whores living in the same building. Only without the pool.
Teahouse is the story of a fancy brothel in the country of Ivore following the lives of the courtesans who live there, as well as the lives of the people who seek them out.

The subject of comic is whores basically.

Yo dawg I herd u like eyebrowsName: Xanthe Atros
(pronounced "Zanth Atrohs")
Age: 28
Birthday: September 9
Sex: Male
Height: 5'11"

Voted most likely to need a nosehair trimmer.
Owner and manage of the Teahouse.

"Atros-sama, I..."Name: Linneus
(pronounced "Lin-ee-uhs")
Age: 26
Birthday: April 5
Sex: Male
Height: 5'9"

Voted most likely to look better in your outfit than you.
The Teahouse's most seasoned courtesan, and old childhood friend of Atros.

Wienermeat.Name: Axis
Age: 23
Birthday: August 8
Sex: Yes please
Height: 5'7"

Voted most likely to bend over for oral.
The once top-earning male whore with a bad attitude and penchant for trouble.


Name: Rhys D'Ivore
(pronounced "Reese Dee-vore")
Age: 27
Birthday: April 27
Sex: Constantly
Height: 6'1"

Voted most likely to have illegitimate children in the double digits. Also voted Prom King.
The Prince of Ivore, who visits the Teahouse secretly to get his fuck on with Axis.

uguuuuName: Rory Dubois
(pronounced "Roar-ee Doo-bwah")
Age: 18
Birthday: June 7
Sex: Male
Height: 5'4"

Voted most likely to bake you cakes.
The current top earning male as well as the youngest, Rory is the resident virgin who is in an exclusive contract with a mysterious nobleman.

Reed and his constant DO NOT WANT face.

Name: Alistair Grayson Dorian Reed III
(pronounced "pretentious fuck")
Age: 32
Birthday: September 15
Sex: Male
Height: 6'5"

Voted prettiest hair.
A germaphobic and OCD nobleman who sees Rory exclusively.

You can read and follow the comic here.İt's online. Click


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