Thursday, August 22, 2013

Review : A Secret Affair by Barbara Taylor Bradford

Seeking some much-needed rest and relaxation after a long stint as a TV-news war correspondent in Bosnia, 33-year-old Bill Fitzgerald travels to Venice. There he is struck by the dark beauty
of a young American woman, Vanessa Stewart, a 27-year-old glass designer from New York. Unhappily married, she welcomes a no-strings friendship with Bill. Soon they embark on an illicit affair and find themselves desperately in love. They vow to see each other whenever and wherever they can. But on their third meeting, one of them does not show up.Once again, Barbara Taylor Bradford weaves a love story of uncompromising ardor, this time taking readers through secret trysts in Venice, Manhattan and Southampton. In "A Secret Affair, " she touches on subjects that will stir the hearts and minds of her readers -- unconditional love and devotion, loyalty and loss.


This is the first book I read unexpected -unhappy-  end.
And Because of that I never and ever forget this book.

He wanted her, she wanted him...but she had a secret, she was married!
A 33-year-old tv war correspondent who recently did a stint in Bosnia, Bill Fitzgerald decides to go to Venice to relax. While there, he meets 27-year-old Vanessa Stewart, an American woman who is a glass designer from New York. Unhappily married, Vanessa begins a no-strings attached friendship with Bill which quickly blossoms into an illicit affair.  

And Then she decide that divoring her husband and go to his lover to meet up for Third rendevouz.
But He never come up. Because of his job he captured by terrorist and they're never go him alive...

I read this book  Last year and I remember every moment when I read the death news...
I remember,A lot crying. I remember because I never Cry for a book.

This is a book every woman has to read.

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