Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mr and Mrs New Cast #FiftyShades

 Mrs Grey,Carla's Current Husband and Carla

Ana's Stepdad! He's so hot! Am I right girls?!!!
Dylan Neal Picture
Carla's Current Husband. HOT!

Girls,The Cast's Men so hot! Am I right? All of men old but so hot!

Well who else left that we didn't learn who's going to play?
Lets have a look;

Leila Williams is a former submissive of Christian Grey.
Ethan Kavanagh is the older brother of Kate Kavanagh.
Carrick Grey is the adoptive father of Elliot Grey, Mia Grey, and Christian Grey.
Elena Lincoln (AKA Mrs.Robinson) is Christian Grey's longtime friend and business partner.

I'm so curious about all of them but in the first book these ones and mostly the bigger ones!!

What are your thoughts about Cast,?

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