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The Sex Doctor by Jessica Frost

The Sex Doctor
Sexy Men of Mystery 
Book 4
Jessica Frost

Genre: Erotic MM Paranormal Romantic Suspense,
vampires, light consensual BDSM, whipping

Publisher: Siren Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-62740-467-9

Number of pages: 120
Word Count: 30475

Cover Artist: Harris Channing

Low sex drive? The Sex Doctor can cure that!

Detective Marshall Ray’s hoping the Sex Doctor, Dr. Sébastein Thibeault, can cure him of his low libido. When he meets the handsome, charismatic hunk, he’s flustered and can’t stop thinking about him. But to partake in the doctor’s unconventional therapy, he has to open his heart, which scares the hell out of Marshall.

The reason Sébastien’s therapy’s so successful is he’s an empathic vampire. He uses his sixth sense to cure people. With Marshall, who makes his heart pitter-patter, his senses tell him the cure for Marshall is him. The sexual attraction they have is something Sébastien cannot dismiss. But something’s happening to Sébastien that frightens him. He’s having blackouts and waking up with bloodstains on his clothes that aren’t his.

People are being mysteriously killed in the city, their bodies bled dry. Marshall tries to figure out who the murderer is when a witness identifies Sébastien as the killer. Marshall must secretly investigate Sébastien while trying not to let his emotions affect his job. Easier said than done when his heart’s telling him Sébastien’s his soul mate.

First I want to say this books so good! Jessica did awesome job on this book. Also I saw last night there a 5. book? OMG! I WANT IT!
She's such a good writer.

Marshall has a problem in his libido.Some of his friend recommend a doctor for him.
Sebastien is a vampire.But not like others.He is a doctor.Also he found cure about blood needed.
There's a killer out there.Killer is killing humans and drank their blood until last drop.
And there's a lies in the middle of their relationship.
Sebastien called The Sex Doctor. First he healhis costumer and then you pay him for his job.
When they see eacher other for te first time Their heart start racing and never stop beating faster when they see each other.
Although they didn't realize but they fall in love each other that time.
Sebastien has a problem too. Actually 2.First he hasn't found his mate second he has a blackout. With Marshall he can cure himself.He need Marshall just like Marshall need him. Just like two birds with one stone.

Is killer Sebastien?
Who really is Sebastien?
Why Marshall lied him?

You can find this questions answer in the book.



The room spun, and Sébastien found focusing on his handsome blond-haired, hazel-eyed patient before him impossible. He knew he’d have this side effect if he stopped the purification process in midstream. But if he drank an orange juice, it would raise his sugar levels and lessen his vertigo.
He stood, and trying not to show his dizziness by gently bracing his weight on the love seat’s armrest, then the wall, he approached the side bar. Afraid his head would spin out of control if he turned now to gaze at Marshall, he asked blindly, “Would you care for a drink?”
“No, um, are you all right, Doctor? You are awfully pale.”
No use in lying now. The cat is out of the bag. “Yes, of course. I’m just a little dizzy is all.” He drank the cold glass of orange juice as he made his way back to his seat. Not moving his head, the whirlwind scene settled and the good-looking man before him once again came into focus.
Marshall’s gaze teetered between Sébastien and the direction of the room, which held the Purifier. “Um, you stopped the dialysis instantly. Isn’t that dangerous?”
If he confessed the truth, he would say that yes, stopping a kidney dialysis quickly like that was extremely dangerous, but he wouldn’t boldface lie, either, so he did the next best thing without compromising his values. He said a white lie. “Well, the process had ended and I was going to remove the needles when you saw me.”
“Oh, I see.” Marshall nodded, sitting back.
The dizziness was gone, but Sébastien knew that it hadn’t disappeared entirely. It lingered in the crevices of his brain, waiting to wreak havoc once more. If he turned or tilted his head in any direction, it would return with a vengeance. So sitting stiffly and unmoving, Sébastien asked, “Before I tell you about my nonconventional treatment, could you tell me why you wanted to see me?”
“Well, Sheryl told me you helped her with the sexual problems she was having with her husband and I thought…” Marshall paused, his eyes shifting from right to left.
“It makes you uncomfortable to say it, doesn’t it, Marshall?”
“Yes, Doctor, it does.”
“Well, then you don’t have to say it. I’ll speak and you only need to nod if I’m correct or not.”
Marshall nodded, wide-eyed.
“You thought I could help you with the problems you’re having with your wife.”
Marshall shook his head. “No, I’m not married.”
“Then with your girlfriend?”
He nodded. “With past girlfriends. Not just one.”
“How many? Two? Three?”
Marshall continued to shake his head, then added, “All of them.”
Sébastien sighed. “Hmm, well, unfortunately, I won’t be able to help you answer the next question. You’ll need to do so alone. If you aren’t comfortable answering, then I can’t help you any further.”
Marshall grinned. “I’m fine, Doctor. I’ll answer whatever question you want me to.”
“All right, that’s excellent.” Sébastien drummed his fingers on the right armrest. “What type of problem did you have with all your former girlfriends?”
Marshall took a deep breath and, gazing directly into Sébastien’s eyes, responded, “My libido. Or rather my lack of libido.”
Sébastien’s brow lifted, and he couldn’t help but wonder how this muscular and handsome man before him found it hard to make love to women. But if Marshall decided to continue with the therapy, he would soon find out. His lips spread into a half grin to show encouragement. “Well, the good news is treating a low libido is easier than treating an overactive one.”
Marshall shook his head. “If you’re talking Viagra or other meds like that, I tried them. They don’t work.”
“No, I wasn’t talking medication. But your remark does raise a question for me.” He paused, then asked, “Have you seen a medical doctor for your problem?”
“Yes, I did, and I went through a slew of tests, which showed I was normal. So he prescribed me Viagra and other meds like that. None of the meds helped. And I won’t mention the side effects.”
“Yes, the side effects can be many,” Sébastien said, imagining how painful it could be if his cock stayed erect for long periods of time.
“After that I figured maybe homeopathic medicine would help. That’s how I met Sheryl. But she couldn’t help me and referred me to you.”
“I see.” He took a deep breath and tried to lift the man’s spirits. “All right, then we know it isn’t a physical thing. Which makes this easier for us.”
“Easier for me? Not really, Doctor.”
Sébastien grinned. “No, of course not, Marshall. I didn’t mean what you’re going through is easy. What I meant is now that I know that this isn’t physical, the therapy will be straightforward.”
Marshall leaned in closer, and with scrutinizing eyes, he asked, “What type of therapy are we talking here, Doc?”
Sébastien placed the empty glass on the table, and when he saw the dizziness didn’t return with the movement, he thanked God and said, “I’m not sure how much Mrs. Todd told you about me or my therapy, so it’s best I tell you exactly what I tell all my patients before I begin with any treatments.” He sighed. “First off, I’m not a certified sex therapist.”
“But you are a doctor. Aren’t you?”
“Yes, I have a doctorate, but not in psychology. In biochemistry.”
Marshall frowned. “Then why do you practice sex therapy?”
“Because I found my vocation in this. I have helped many people who couldn’t find the help they needed from doctors or psychologists or psychiatrists.” He leaned forward. “So shall I continue or has this news unsettled you and now you wish to terminate any further treatments and leave?”
A hesitant “No” slipped off Marshall’s lips. His eyes though showed his indecisiveness.
Sébastien continued, “You don’t sound that sure, Marshall. Let me tell you what some of my therapy sessions entail. Maybe that will help you make up your mind.”
“All right.”
“Well, in your case, the first thing I would do is have you tell me about your childhood.”
Marshall snorted. “Oh, now you do sound like a psychiatrist or Freudian who thinks my sex problems are all based on some traumatic episode I experienced in my childhood. Or that I had sexual fantasies of my mom. Relax, Doc. I am not a pervert. Nor did I have a pervert for a dad and I certainly wasn’t beaten. My parents are two of the best parents someone would ever hope to have.”
Sébastien lifted his hand. “Ah, you’re assuming, Marshall. I never thought that, nor did I imply it. Learning about your childhood and your past will help me understand you better. That’s all.”
“Okay, sorry for jumping the gun there, Doc. So, then what else?”
“Well, then I’d ask you to tell me what you remember about your past girlfriends. How you felt about them? What type of relationships were they? Etc.”
“Okay, that I can live with. What else?”
“Well, this may make you uneasy, and this is where my therapy is unconventional…”
“Oh, no, you’re not…”
Sébastien’s brow cocked and his lips broke into a grin. “Now, don’t assume, Marshall. Please allow me to finish.” He paused, and when he saw that Marshall didn’t speak, he said, “I will have you look at pictures of the nude female and male body and ask you under different circumstances how you react to them.”
Marshall squinted, frowning, but didn’t comment. So Sébastien felt compelled to add, “I can assure you that if at any moment you feel uncomfortable or pressured in the session, we will stop and take a different route in the therapy. I believe that the road to effective treatment is a road paved by the patient, not by the therapist. In other words, I will not cure you of your problem. Instead, it will be you, yourself, who will. I am and will always be your guide only. And will never force you to do, think, say, or experience anything you don’t want to or aren’t ready for emotionally or mentally.”
He paused and stared at Marshall’s reaction. His furrowed brows straightened and his eyes lightened. Then Sébastien took a deep breath and gazed at the clock on the wall. Realizing the time, he said, “Well, Marshall, I don’t want you to answer that question now.” He stood. “What I want you to do is go home and think this over for a day. If after that time, you are still interested in having me as your therapist, you can come back at two tomorrow, and we will have our first session.”
Marshall got up and followed Sébastien to the door. “All right, Doctor.”
Sébastien lifted his finger in notation and smiled. “Also, please call me Sébastien. You are not my patient, but my client, and I’m not your doctor.”
Sébastien extended his hand. “Well then, it was nice to meet you, Marshall, and if by tomorrow you decide to continue with your therapy, I’ll be delighted to help you.”
They shook hands and he opened the door, and just as Marshall stepped into the corridor, he remembered. “Oh, and by the way, I don’t know if Mrs. Todd told you or not, but I do not get paid anything until the treatment is over and your problem is fixed.”
Marshall’s eyes opened wide. “But how can you make a living like that?”
Sébastien grinned and waggled his brow. “I do. Everyone who has followed my treatment has been successful. I have a one-hundred-percent success rate. Good day, Marshall, it was nice to have met you.”
Marshall grinned back. “Yes, it was nice to have met you, too, Doc. I mean, Sébastien.”
Sébastien closed the door and couldn’t help but note how Marshall’s bright smile enhanced his looks. He was a rare beauty, indeed. His chiseled face and bright eyes and smile, along with his perfectly white teeth and thick blond hair that fell into his eyes, made him one of the best looking people he had ever seen.
Now feeling the soreness in his limbs warned Sébastien that if he didn’t continue with the purification he so abruptly interrupted before, he would go into shock. He meandered into the room and sat next to the Purifier. As he reinserted new, sterile needles into his arm, he wondered about Marshall.
What would Marshall have said if Sébastien told him that his therapy practice was only a sideline? What would he have said if he knew that Sébastien was actually a millionaire and that his discovery, which now traveled through the Purifier beside him, had made him that?


Jessica Frost has always had a passion for fiction and the written word. Add to that her wild, vivid imagination and her pure romantic tendencies and she soon realized she had the traits needed to become a romance author. She decided to take the very big first step not that long ago and wrote her first erotic romance story. And she has not looked back since.

Being a romance writer is a dream come true for her. Having the opportunity to create fantasy worlds where anything and everything can happen is an amazing feeling. She hopes these worlds and the delightful characters she creates will bring hours of enjoyment to her readers as they have done for her.

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