Monday, November 4, 2013

Interview with Pembroke Sinclair

  • Hi,How Are you? I know that Pembroke is not your real name.Why didn't you use your real name?What's the fact that you choosed this name?
Thanks for having me here!  I’m doing great!  I decided to go with a pen name so that I would be easy to find on the internet.  If you type in my real name, a country singer pops up.  If you type in Pembroke, all of my fiction instantly pops up.

  • I love your works.Especially your book named The Way she make me feel. Now I have your 1-2 book of yours for blog tours. Are you going to be just an author? Do you have a job other then  being an author?

Thank you.  I’m glad you enjoy my work!  Unfortunately, until I sign that million-dollar contract, I will be working as an editor at a nonprofit business.

  • What are your inspiration?

It depends on what I’m writing.  My inspiration can vary from my boys to something I’ve read to a dream I’ve had. 

  • Did you ever think being a novel for one of your book?

Not really.  I don’t have time!

  • I'm writing somethings on my own. I'm just going to be young for now but in the future I wanna become an author. Can you give me and for other eager's an advice?

Patience.  To this day it’s hard for me to live up to that advice, but it’s really true.  The publishing world moves so slowly and you have to weather a lot of storms and produce a lot of work before you see the fruits of your labor.  I’m still waiting!

  • If I say tomorrow there will be the last day of world. What would you do?

Spend a lot of time with my family.

  • The next day when you wake up you saw everyone is dead...and they are walking. I rather be dead than living hard like the Tv show. So my question is what would/should you do? What do you think that how many days you will survive?

It’s hard to say what I would do.  I would like to think I would carry on and be the hope of humanity, but that could prove to be hard without my family.  And I’m not sure I would want to.  No idea how long I would survive.  I would hope longer than a day!

  • Return to normal; Do you remember how did you meet the internet world and the blogger world?

Necessity.  To get people to find me, I had to have a presence.

  • Most Social Network you like to use?

Facebook is the easiest, and I can schedule posts, so I don’t have to spend an inordinate amount of time on the site to get my message across.

  • What are you think for a book being a tv show or Movie?

I think it depends on the book.  I write such a variety of stuff, they would translate differently into different mediums.

  • In this year what's your favorite Book/Author/Blog? Do you have a Blogger friends? And Author Friends?

I have met so many new authors and bloggers this year, it’s hard to pick a favorite.  They are all so fantastic!

  • It's so lovely to talking and asking questions with you. Do you want to add somethings to The Bookers?

Thank you so much for having me!  I appreciate all you’ve done to help promote my stories!

Thank you so much for  Bewitching Blog Tours and Pembroke Sinclair.

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