Monday, October 7, 2013

Like the beast by Kotetsuko Yamamoto

  • Aほんと野獣; 野蛮情人; Like the Beast
  • Comedy, Romance, Yaoi
  • Yamamoto Kotetsuko
  • Ongoing Honto Yajuu 14 will coming next
  • A policeman, a yakuza and an underwear thief - where better to start a love story? A forbidden-sparkling love story between a sexy policeman and a gorgeous yakuza.


With Honest, first of all I wanna say  I love the act of Aki's so AWESOME!! Just you can love Aki.But He's Yakuza(meaning mobster) and he's not like other Yakuza's.Sure he's arrogant so many times but also he's not straight like others.Although Other Yakuza's in this Manga seems hot for him anyway *giggle*.They met so unusual sitiation.Ueda is Police Officer and Aki is the Yakuza. 
They've many stories each volume and everyone of them is funny. Like when Ueda's kidnapping. LOL!!
 Aki's family father and mother side mobster too.Aki's mother kidnapping Ueda :D  When Aki not find him in the station he's gotten crazy! Aww When I thought about Aki I wanna hug him tight! He's like that cute. *giggle*

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  1. Well. This sounds different, lol. And pretty funny :P Great review!


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