Friday, September 20, 2013

Harlequin Time! #HatingArabics

The Sheikh's Blackmailed Mistress

Life has taught Prince Vereham al a'Karim bin Hakar to control his emotions. Duty to his kingdom drives the enigmatic sheikh.But one unexpected, intensely sexy encounter with inexperienced Samantha McLellan shakes Vere's steely control. And when he discovers that Sam could be betraying his country, he decides to blackmail her--into being his mistress.

Desert Prince, Bride of Innocence 

Forced to marry a desert prince?

Prince Jasim bin Hamid al Rais was concerned that his womanizing elder brother was bewitched by his child's nanny -- the throne of Quaram could be threatened by scandal! Though Elinor Tempest appeared to be a fragile beauty, Jasim wasn't fooled; he'd deal with this strumpet himself....

Only after he'd ruthlessly seduced her did Jasim discover Elinor really had been a virgin -- and she'd fallen pregnant! A royal baby couldn't be born out of wedlock so, faster than the desert wind, Elinor became Jasim's unwanted bride...

Thoughts for those books;

Honestly I hate to read Arrogant Arabian mens.Even they Prince or something?Why every act is doing with forced?! I really do not understand those men. And Those women? Why you willing them? Are you  masochist?  Well fine,you can arrogant little bit but this Arabic too much at least for me. So if you like them,you can read it,but I give them 1 stars. Because it didn't work for me.

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